If you can believe it just a few short months ago, we wished each other a Happy New Year and looked ahead eagerly at what 2020 would bring. None of us expected less than 90 days later we would be faced with the global pandemic known as Coronavirus. This single virus has managed to bring the planet to a screeching halt forcing everyone inside and altering our entire way of life. Thus making surviving Coronavirus self-isolation a number one priority for every human on the planet. We indeed are living in unprecedented times.

Before the virus arrived on our shores the world was already on the road to positive changes. People became more conscious and were stopping to reflect on health and wellness like never before. In many ways, the Coronavirus pandemic is a golden opportunity for many of us to slow down, reassess the pace of daily life, while we hold our loved ones close as we pray for good health and safety.

We understand that surviving Coronavirus self-isolation isn’t going to be easy. It’s honestly going to be damned hard and as a result, we’ve curated a list of ways to keep physically and mentally healthy and thriving while you bunker down at home.


Surviving Coronavirus Self-Isolation wellanin collective

    • Cook a new recipe, batch prep meals or try a meal kit subscription service.
    • Delivery fees are suspended on UberEats–treat yourself!
    • Support small businesses and stay healthy by ordering a no-contact delivery from Seamless, Postmates or Doordash. Send a meal to a friend or family member who’s immunocompromised or isolated.
    • Have a picnic with your kids or spouse in the living room.
    • Put your food stash to good use and cook something with a healthy mystery ingredient, Iron Chef-style.


wellanin collective


wellanin collective

    • Finish your kids’ baby books.
    • March is National Craft Month–do a craft together as a family!
    • Institute new family traditions, like a game night or a no-TV night.
    • Treat your kids to a room makeover.
    • Go camping in the backyard.

Personal Growth:

Surviving Coronavirus Self-Isolation wellanin collective

    • Learn something new that you’ve always been interested in, like a foreign language, Excel, or sewing. Groupon has a ton of beginner’s classes available online.
    • Start/Finish your blog, business plan, or book.
    • Update your website, social media, or LinkedIn.
    • Begin a meditation, mandala or gratitude practice.
    • Update your planner.
    • Do a Miracle Morning Makeover.
    • Go through your closet and only keep the clothes you love.
    • Invest in your retirement while shares are low.
    • Create a wellness plan for when you go back to work–let this be your new normal!
    • See an online therapist.

Physical Health:

Surviving Coronavirus Self-Isolation wellanin collective


Surviving Coronavirus Self-Isolation wellanin collective

    • Read a book or magazine you usually never have time for.
    • Check out some wellness podcasts.
    • Catch a free Livestream opera at the Met. (The streams are only available for 20 hours)
    • Laugh at these Coronavirus memes.
    • Watch one of the 35 best movies on Netflix or if you want to watch Black cinema here’s a list of films on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime.
    • Call a friend and just catch up–you know they’re home!

We hope you find these tips helpful and will refer back to it as needed. In addition, because sadly we know self-isolation will continue over the next several months we will continue to update this list. So be sure to check back periodically.

Surviving Coronavirus Self-Isolation wellanin collective
Also, we want to hear from you! Share with us how you and your family are surviving Coronavirus self-isolation.