Human beings have the most intricate connection with nature. Since the evolution of human beings, they have held the strongest bonding with nature and most importantly plants. Therefore, it is in our genes to experience a soothing sensation when we are surrounded by plants. We live in a forest of concrete these days and hardly enjoy our relationship with nature. But, if you are willing, then you can have your own piece of nature right at home. Today we shall have a look at those plants which are of immense benefit to your health.


Apart from elevating the beauty of your indoors by multifold, gerbera plants are of extreme help to all the people who have breathing problems. Gerbera plants release excess oxygen during the night, thus keeping the room full of oxygen. Many research studies have shown that keeping a gerbera plant in the bedroom has been immensely helpful for patients who often suffer from sleep apneas. Gerbera also removes many suspended toxic particles from the air, improving the air quality, and making your lungs happier than ever. Multiple colors of gerbera are available, you can get hold of one that you like the most


If you are one of those people who is down with anxiety, restlessness, and depression, then it is a great option to have a lavender plant in your house. The essential oil of lavender flowers has been used since time immemorial for the preparation of various aroma therapeutics. Aromatherapy is the oldest known natural technique for stress relief and mental relaxation. The lavender flowers are indeed a treat to the eyes. To bid a farewell to your anxiety and ensure a blissful relaxation of the mind, get hold of a beautiful lavender plant. The unmatched soothing essence of the plant is divine

Aloe Vera

There is nobody on planet earth right now, who is unaware of the health benefits of aloe vera. Having an aloe vera plant at your home is going to give you benefits that are unmatched. The aloe vera gel is not only a great agent for smooth skin and hair but it is also one of the best-known antiseptics. Aloe vera gel is a great cure to irritated or rash prone skin. It even cures sunburns, rashes, and sensitivity of the skin. Having an aloe vera plant at home is like having your private salon at hand


One of the best-known plants that can improve the quality of air at your home. Chrysanthemum is capable of absorbing all the potentially toxic chemicals in the air namely benzene, trichloroethylene, ammonia, and formaldehyde. If you are a patient of asthma or suffer from shortness of breath and other breathing ailments, having a chrysanthemum can do good to your health. The flowers come in multiple colors and are a great addition to the natural d├ęcor of your house. You can always plant these lovely shrubs at home for a gust for fresh air. Moreover, they do not need any fancy care other than plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil.


It is no doubt a wonder plant. A large section of the population get5s mesmerized simply by the aroma of jasmine flower. Not only the fantasizing aroma, but there are also other health benefits of aroma that you probably did not know. Jasmine flowers release a biochemical substance called GABA. Research studies have shown that keeping a potted jasmine plant at home can improve the quality of air, reduce stress and anxiety, and help to keep the mood boosted up forever. The fragrance of jasmine can highly improve sleep quality, so for all the people who suffer from mild to severe insomnia, jasmine can be an awesome addition to your bedrooms. Moreover, the presence of jasmine in your rooms can also balance your hormonal effects and improvise the cognition capability of individuals. So, it is a plant with innumerable magical benefits. And last but not the least, let us not forget the beauty of the flowers which can please anybody even in their worst nerve wrecks.

Though all plants are good for health, yet these are the ones that exert specific effects for our well being.