Mental health experts around the world collectively agree journaling is one of the best approaches to take to improve mental health. It has time and time again, proven its ability to help patients suffering from anxiety, depression, and many other mental health concerns. Especially now during the Coronavirus pandemic that has hit so many nations of the world, it can prove to be an extremely effective coping mechanism. Not sure how? Keep reading to find out just that.

How Journaling Helps

When dealing with overwhelming emotions gets tough, journaling can help you feel better. Think of it as a tool to help you tackle your emotions and make sense of them. Journaling on a daily basis can help you actually keep track of your emotions, and in turn, control your symptoms better by identifying any potential triggers.

Plus, it can be an excellent platform for you to let your emotions out, without the fear of being judged- perfect if you’re an introvert or someone who doesn’t like talking about their feelings. Journaling can help you prioritize your life, and look at your problems from a wider perspective.

Feeling Empowered and In Control

Being in lockdown and confined to your home can feel great for many, but for some others, it can be a difficult change to deal with. You might feel the sense of loss of control and independence- suddenly, you can’t go out and do things as you please. Suddenly, the world became a scary place, and it can make you feel more anxious than you’d like.

Journaling can help you feel more in control of the situation, and look at things from a broad perspective. It can help you feel calmer and empowered, and in a better state of mental health.

Easing Your Mind During the Pandemic

Racing, worrisome thoughts may plague your mind if you’re in one of the regions affected by the pandemic. You might also be struck by insomnia and other health concerns, and the constant, overwhelming news alerts can make it worse.

During such an uncertain scenario, maintaining a journal and jotting down your thoughts, ideas, and observations can be a huge help. It can help you find that balance, organize your thoughts, and most importantly, help your brain relax. It can also be the perfect platform for you to put out your pandemic stress.

Journaling is also an excellent way to get started on mindfulness. Putting your thoughts down on paper will help you understand how important it is to approach your life in a ‘one-thing-at-a-time’ manner, and you’ll begin to realize how much it can transform you, your life and your day to day activities.

In what ways has journaling helped your mental health?