No matter where we go, our virtual world is with us. Thanks to our smartphones, we’re always connected. Sometimes, this is a blessing, but often, it robs us of the experience of being present. It’s hard to be mindful when our devices are so good at drawing our attention.


Unfortunately, this often comes at the expense of the relationships that are closest to us. In fact, time spent online and on social media has been linked to an increased risk of depression and anxiety.

If you find yourself feeling stressed or strung out, a digital detox can actually help you more than you can imagine.

You’ll Feel Happier

Going offline can actually get you in a better mood, and make you feel less anxious almost instantly. This can be particularly helpful for those individuals who, for whatever reason, need to be on social media — whether that’s due to FOMO or because it’s part of their job. Taking some time off of these platforms can provide a tremendous sense of relief.

You’ll Have More Time

You’ll be shocked to find how much more time you have once you get yourself on a digital detox. Our digital lives, especially social media, take up a surprising amount of our time and energy. Once you’ve been disconnected for a while, you may find you have a lot more time than you realized.

You’ll Live in the Moment

It’s easy to forget that the Internet is actually just a platform for us to document parts of our lives. It shouldn’t take the place of valuable analog experiences. In the excitement of posting whatever-cool-thing-you’re-doing online, you may fail to experience the situation to its fullest. A digital detox can help you start living in the moment again. And don’t worry — you can always post the images when you’re back online again.

You May Diagnose Some Chronic Issues

Been experiencing migraines, back pain, or insomnia? Your screen time may be to blame. It’s hard to identify when we need to be connected to pay bills, talk to family, and even order food. Taking a digital time-out might relieve strain on your eyes or lessen the time you spend leaning over a screen. The blue light from electronics can also be really disruptive to your internal sleep-wake clock — so you may find yourself sleeping better, too.

You’ll Break the Comparison Cycle

Many of us fall into the trap of comparing our lives to those around us, which can have a serious impact on our self esteem. When we start to feel dissatisfied with our lives, this can lead to feeling lonely, isolated and discontented. Taking a break from this unhealthy cycle can help you get out of the comparison trap and discover more about the happiness that you already have with you.

*This post was originally posted to Yoga With Allaya.